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The Guardian House, a Skilled Nursing facility, represents the very best in Skilled Nursing and Specialized Memory Care. Our state-of-the-art "home like” residence and therapeutic activity program was designed by two award winning, nationally recognized Gerontologists.

As a true "continuum of care” facility, we have three separate, secure units with multiple levels of Skilled Nursing and Memory Care. Each unit offers a variety of living accommodations that include deluxe, private, or semi-private suites.

Room Accommodations for Skilled Nursing Residents:

Our designated Skilled Nursing Unit is comprised of nine private suites and one semi-private suite.

  • Suites are furnished with Specialty Electronic Hospital Beds, armoire, bedside table, and upholstered chair
  • Suites have cable service for personal TV use
  • Facility is equipped with a Wireless call system – resident pendants can be worn and used throughout the facility to alert staff that the resident needs assistance


Room Accommodations for Private Pay Residents:
The Guardian House has a variety of deluxe, private, and semi-private living accommodations. Residents are assessed prior to admission and are placed on the appropriate unit based on their nursing needs and cognitive functioning.
  • Private Pay residents are encouraged to furnish their suites with furniture from home for a comfortable "home like” environment. Facility will furnish suites upon request (bed, armoire, bedside table)
  • Suites are cable ready for personal TV use.
  • Facility is equipped with a Wireless call system – Resident pendants can be worn and used throughout facility to alert staff that the resident needs assistance


Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing:

Our facility provides rehabilitation services to all of our residents needing physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy. Per Physician order, residents can receive therapy up to 5 days per week. If applicable, residents can receive multiple sessions per day by a combination of therapy disciplines. Skilled Nursing stays and/or outpatient therapy services are billed directly to Medicare and supplemental insurance carriers by The Guardian House. When the resident has reached their maximum rehab potential and is discharged from therapy, a restorative exercise program is initiated by nursing in efforts to maintain the resident’s maximum level of functioning.

Therapeutic Activity Programing:

As a "Social Model of Care”, we know that happy residents are healthy residents. We encourage our residents to participate in a variety of scheduled activities throughout each day. Our therapeutic activity program begins at 9:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm. Our Activity Director, along with two activity assistants, conduct one-on-one and group activities with our residents that are enjoyable and designed to stimulate their mind and body. By partnering with local volunteers, we are able to keep our residents connected with their community and local heritage.
Payment for Skilled Nursing Services:

Skilled Nursing services are covered by Medicare for residents that meet the skilled nursing requirements:

3 night hospital stay and requires at least one of the following Skilled Nursing services-

  • Skilled Nursing 7 days per week
  • Rehabilitation services (PT, OT, ST) 5 days a week
  • Multiple Stage 2 wounds
  • One Stage 3 or 4 wounds
  • Surgical wound
  • New Feeding Tube

Medicare will approve up to 100 skilled nursing days per illness. Medicare will pay 100% of skilled nursing costs incurred from Day 1-20. Starting on Day 21-100, Medicare will pay the costs of skilled nursing care less $148.00 per day (co-insurance liability). The co-insurance liability of $148.00 per day is either paid by the resident’s supplemental insurance carrier, or is the responsibility of the resident.

Payment for Private Nursing Services:

An $800.00 deposit is required to reserve a suite in The Guardian House ($400.00 of the deposit is refundable upon discharge). Private rent is pro-rated and due by the 10th of each month and the suite is leased on a month-to-month basis. *Contact Admission Coordinator for current daily rates and lease agreement.

Prior to admission, a pre-admission assessment is conducted on-site or in the resident’s home to verify the need for nursing services and to determine the resident’s Level of Care.Requirements prior to admission: Admission paperwork signed by resident’s primary care physician (SMS), Chest X-Ray (within 30 days of admit), and a TB skin test (to verify resident does not have active tuberculosis).

Respite Services (Temporary Stays):

The Guardian House offers Respite Care for residents needing temporary placement for 24 hour care. *Contact Admission Coordinator for current daily rates and respite agreement. Note: A pre-admission assessment SMS, Chest X-Ray, and TB skin test are required for respite stays.

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